Sustainable Design Goals

I am in the process of developing sustainable oriented events with fellow costume designer, Megan Quarles.


In the past couple of years, I have been working to align my personal interest in sustainability with my profession as a costume designer and maker--how can I re-imagine current practices and re-interpret materials to design in a more sustainable way?

This question lead to almost a year’s worth of research and interviews with fellow costume designer Megan Quarles to investigate what sustainability means to our fellow theatre-makers and assess how we can contribute to the conversation in a meaningful way.

Most recently, we spoke at @FABSCRAP to share ways to create less waste while creating.


We discussed ways to re-imagine thrift-store finds to create period costumes.


USITT Student International Travel Grant to Hong Kong

in 2013, I spent 6 weeks with the Hong Kong Academy for the Performing Arts. This was possible thanks to a Grant from the The United States Institute for Theatre Technology, an organization which aims to advance the skills and knowledge of theatre, entertainment and performing arts professionals involved in the areas of design, production and technology, and to generally promote their interests.